Anodes & Corrosion Prevention

Anodes & Corrosion Prevention

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    5 in. Magnesium Rudder Anode

    Brand: Canada Metal SKU: CAN-CMR04M Quantity: 135
    Magnesium Martyr anode is designed to protect boat's rudder or trim tab from corrosion in fresh water lakes & rivers.
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    30 Amp Galvanic Isolator

    Brand: Newmar SKU: NM-GI-30 Quantity: 4
    Blocks a majority of the low voltage currents on boats which significantly reduces anode corrosion.
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    Mercruiser Gimbal Block Magnesium Anode

    Brand: Canada Metal SKU: CAN-CM43994M Quantity: 7
    Martyr Gimbal Block Anode
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    Mercruiser Driveshaft Housing Zinc Anode

    Brand: Canada Metal SKU: CAN-CM821630C2Z Quantity: 6
    Martyr Driveshaft Housing Anode
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    Mercruiser Bravo II & III Aluminum Anode Kit

    Brand: Canada Metal SKU: CAN-CMBRAVO23KITA Quantity: 12
    Martyr anode kit includes all anodes needed to protect all Mercruiser Bravo II stern drives & Bravo III drives from 1989-2003 from corrosion in salt & brackish water applications.
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    1 3/8 in. Aluminum Streamlined Shaft Anode

    Brand: Canada Metal SKU: CAN-CMX06AL Quantity: 8
    Premium aluminum Martyr anode protects inboard boat's prop shaft from corrosion in salt or brackish water.
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    Zinc,Volvo Gimball Plate,Sx

    Brand: Canada Metal SKU: CAN-CM3854130Z Quantity: 12
    Martyr Gimbal Plate Anode
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    Anod Only (Magniziu)Merc. Circular Plate

    Brand: Canada Metal SKU: CAN-CM76214M Quantity: 56
    Martyr Trim Tab Anode
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    Volvo Transom & Drive Block Magnesium Anode

    Brand: Canada Metal SKU: CAN-CM873395M Quantity: 27
    Martyr Block Anode
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    Johnson & Evinrude Gearcase Block Zinc Anode

    Brand: Johnson & Evinrude SKU: BRP-0436745 Quantity: 7
    Johnson & Evinrude 436745 Anode

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