Boat Transmissions & Transmission Parts

Boat Transmissions & Transmission Parts

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    ZF 85A 1.6:1 Marine Transmission

    Brand: ZF Marine SKU: ZF85A-1.6 Quantity: 2
    ZF 1.6 ratio new inboard marine transmission assembly.
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    1 1/2 In. Shaft x 5 In. Flange Split Coupling

    Brand: Buck Algonquin SKU: BUCK-50500C1500 Quantity: 0
    Buck Algonquin 50500C1500 Split Coupler
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    Crusader #10 x 14" Hose Assembly

    Brand: Crusader SKU: CRU-22627 Quantity: 13
    Crusader 22627 Hose Assembly
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    Mercruiser Oil Cooler

    Brand: Seakamp Engineering SKU: SK-807996-T Quantity: 7
    Aftermarket 9 in. oil cooler directly replaces Mercury 807996T.
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    U-Cooler Assembly

    Brand: Crusader SKU: CRU-97878 Quantity: 21
    Combination transmission and engine oil cooler used on Crusader big block marine engines from 1990 and prior.
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    ZF 63IV / 630V Transmission Overhaul Kit

    Brand: MMD Powerline SKU: MMD-3312199021 Quantity: 2
    Aftermarket kit includes gaskets, seals, forward clutch plates, steel plates, & a new filter to overhaul ZF 630V & 63IV marine transmissions.
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    5/16 in. x 1 ft. Stainless Steel Shaft Keystock

    Brand: Buck Algonquin SKU: BUCK-KEYS31X1FTSS Quantity: 7
    Keystock used to help secure transmission coupler to the prop shaft.
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    Plus Rated Globe Drivesaver® Coupler

    Brand: Globe Composite Solutions SKU: GLOBE-504PR Quantity: 1
    Flexible coupling installs between 5 in. diameter driveline flanges absorbing vibration, reducing corrosion from electrolysis, & minimizing impact damage.
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    Transmission Oil Filter

    Brand: ZF Marine SKU: ZF-0501212459 Quantity: 85
    OEM filter removes particulates from transmission fluid on various ZF 2000 series of transmissions.
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    6 in. x 1 1/4 in. Oil Cooler

    Brand: Seakamp Engineering SKU: SK-26134 Quantity: 9
    2 in. diameter standard oil cooler accepts 1 1/4 in. water hoses and 3/8 in. NPTF oil connections.

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