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Chemicals & Cleaning Supplies

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    1 Quart XD30 2-Cycle Outboard Oil

    Brand: Johnson & Evinrude SKU: BRP-0764348 Quantity: 0
    Original Evinrude XD30 2-stroke engine oil is designed to surpass the requirements of outboards that specify TC-W3, API TC, & JASO FB certified oil.
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    5 oz. Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive

    Brand: 3M SKU: 3M-08008 Quantity: 8
    3M 08008 5 oz. Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive
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    1 Gallon TC-W3 Direct Injection 2-Cycle Engine Oil

    Brand: Sierra SKU: SIERRA-18-9530-3 Quantity: 35
    Sierra's Premium Blend TC-W3 2-stroke oil is designed for direct injection outboard applications.
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    Gear Lube Pump

    Brand: Johnson & Evinrude SKU: BRP-0775610 Quantity: 7
    Threads directly onto 16 oz. or 32 oz. bottles of HPF PRO, HI-Vis, or Premium Blend gear lubricants to simplify the filling of gearcases.
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    Pro Star Ultra Hi-Performance Wheel Bearing Grease 2-Pack

    Brand: Star Brite SKU: STAR-026103 Quantity: 6
    Premium marine bearing grease provides lubrication and corrosion protection for wheel bearings, windlasses, hinges, & winches.
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    22 oz. Ultimate Xtreme Clean

    Brand: Star Brite SKU: STAR-083222P Quantity: 6
    Ultimate Xtreme Clean is formulated with the latest technology to be the toughest fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, & metal cleaner ever.
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    12 oz. Yamaha Metallic Blue Silver Spray Paint

    Brand: Moeller Marine Products SKU: MO-025469 Quantity: 20
    Moeller 025469 12 oz. Yamaha Metallic Blue Silver Spray Paint
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    22 oz. Spider Away

    Brand: Star Brite SKU: STAR-095022P Quantity: 60
    Star Brite's Spider Away spray causes spiders to flee your boat or anywhere Spider Away is applied.
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    3 Pint Premium Teak Care Kit

    Brand: Star Brite SKU: STAR-081216 Quantity: 92
    Star brite's convenient all in one kit for cleaning, restoring, & protecting teak.
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    9" Double Sided Buffing Pad

    Brand: 3M SKU: 3M-05703 Quantity: 0
    3M 05703 9 in. Double Sided Superbuff Buffing Pad

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