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    Mercruiser GM Small Block Exhaust Manifold

    Brand: Sierra SKU: SIERRA-18-1950-1 Quantity: 6
    Port exhaust manifold fits Mercruiser GM 5.0L & 5.7L marine engines with end riser.
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    Chrysler Center Rise Exhaust Elbow Kit

    Brand: Chrysler Marine SKU: 4492257K Quantity: 7
    Chrysler Exhaust Elbow Kit
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    10.3 in. Exhaust Elbow Riser

    Brand: Volvo Penta SKU: VOLVO-3889965 Quantity: 4
    Standard 10.3 inch one-piece exhaust riser for many Volvo Penta 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L, & 8.1L center rise exhaust manifolds.
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    Chris Craft Exhaust Manifold End Cap Gasket

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-CC47-1650-05944 Quantity: 26
    Gasket seals between the exhaust manifold & the exhaust riser on Chris Craft 302, 305, 307, 327, & 350 CID marine engines.
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    Mercruiser 3" Riser Extension Kit

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-MC-20-61811A4 Quantity: 1
    Barr Riser Extension Kit
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    Volvo Penta GM Small Block Exhaust Manifold

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-VO-1-835804 Quantity: 9
    Cast iron center rise exhaust manifold fits many Volvo Penta small block marine engines.
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    Crusader 4" 6.0L Exhaust Riser Spacer

    Brand: Crusader SKU: CRU-R062086 Quantity: 4
    Crusader Exhaust Spacer
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    Block Off Riser Gasket

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-1-0105 Quantity: 28
    Gasket seals block off plate to Barr generic center rise exhaust manifold & elbow.
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    4 Cylinder Exhaust Manifold to Head Gasket

    Brand: Sierra SKU: SIERRA-18-2930 Quantity: 5
    Gasket seals exhaust manifold to cylinder head on various Volvo Penta AQ model marine engines.
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    Chrysler Small Block Exhaust Manifold

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-CM-1-6677A Quantity: 16
    Cast iron log style exhaust manifold fits Chrysler LM318, M340, & M360 marine engines from 1973-1986.

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