Marine Ignition Systems

Marine Ignition Systems

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    Delco EST 8 Cylinder Tune Up Kit

    Brand: Sierra SKU: SIERRA-18-5281 Quantity: 141
    Tune-up kit includes cap & rotor for GM V8 marine engines with Delco EST HEI module-in-cap distributors.
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    Quicksilver Mercruiser Thunderbolt Ignition Sensor Assembly

    Brand: Mercury SKU: QS-87-892150Q02 Quantity: 17
    Quicksilver 87-892150Q02 Thunderbolt Ignition Sensor Assembly
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    Johnson & Evinrude 4 Cylinder Ignition Coil

    Brand: CDI Electronics SKU: CDI-183-4632 Quantity: 17
    CDI Electronics 183-4632 Ignition Coil
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    Delco EST V6 Rotor

    Brand: Sierra SKU: SIERRA-18-5408 Quantity: 11
    Rotor for GM V6 marine engines with Delco EST module-in-cap distributors..
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    Westerbeke BTG/A Side Terminal Cap Rotor

    Brand: MMD Powerline SKU: MMDW-54718 Quantity: 18
    Powerline 54718 Rotor
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    Johnson & Evinrude Outboard Tune Up Kit

    Brand: Sierra SKU: SIERRA-18-5006 Quantity: 20
    Sierra 18-5006 Tune Up Kit
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    Bosch Condenser

    Brand: Volvo Penta SKU: VOLVO-841262 Quantity: 14
    Condenser for Bosch distributors used in various Volvo Penta 4 cylinder marine engines.
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    1092 Spark Plug

    Brand: NGK Spark Plugs SKU: NGK-1092 Quantity: 35
    NGK BPR7HS-10 Spark Plug
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    Mallory 2.3L Spark Plug Wire Set

    Brand: United Ignition Wire SKU: UIW-118 Quantity: 3
    8mm ignition wire set fits OMC 4 cylinder 2.3L marine engines with Mallory distributors.
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    GM V8 Point Type Marine Distributor

    Brand: Sierra SKU: SIERRA-18-5313-1 Quantity: 0
    Sierra Mallory breaker point style distributor for GM small and big block marine engines.

Set Descending Direction

1-10 of 527