Inboard Engine Parts

Inboard Engine Parts

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    Volvo Penta V6 Exhaust Riser

    Brand: Sierra SKU: SIERRA-18-1936 Quantity: 0
    Fits center rise exhaust manifold used on early Volvo Penta V6 4.3L marine engines.
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    Volvo Penta Solex Carburetor Kit

    Brand: Sierra SKU: SIERRA-18-7001 Quantity: 0
    Aftermarket carburetor repair kit for Solex side draft model carburetor used on Volvo Penta AQ marine engines.
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    Gasoline Fuel Filter Insert

    Brand: Volvo Penta SKU: VOLVO-3855104 Quantity: 2
    Original Volvo fuel filter insert used on many 3.0L 4 cylinder Volvo Penta marine engines.
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    GM 4.3L Oil Pan Gasket

    Brand: Volvo Penta SKU: VOLVO-3855801 Quantity: 2
    OEM Volvo oil pan gasket fits V6 262 cu. in. marine engines with cast aluminum oil pans.
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    Engine Oil Dipstick

    Brand: Crusader SKU: CRU-R041073 Quantity: 2
    T handle oil level gauge for various Crusader 5.0L & 5.7L marine engines.
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    Chris Craft Raw Water Pump

    Brand: Sherwood SKU: SHER-G45-1 Quantity: 5
    Sherwood G451 Chris Craft Raw Water Pump
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    Delco HVS V6 Tri-Pak Tune-Up Kit

    Brand: United Ignition Wire SKU: UIW-1-204 Quantity: 2
    Premium marine tune up kit includes distributor cap, rotor, and spark plug wires for GM V6 engines with Delco HVS distributors.
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    GM Counter Clockwise Inboard Marine Starter

    Brand: Arrowhead Electrical Products SKU: ARR-SDR0252 Quantity: 7
    Top mounted rear entry inboard starter fits GM left hand rotation marine engines.
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    Exhaust Hose

    Brand: Sierra SKU: SIERRA-18-2781 Quantity: 33
    Rubber hose connects upper exhaust elbow to exhaust Y-pipe on multiple model OMC and Volvo Penta marine engines.
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    Rochester 2 BBL Carburetor Kit

    Brand: Sierra SKU: SIERRA-18-7746 Quantity: 16
    Carburetor repair kit for Rochester R2/2GC 2 barrel carburetors used with many Mercruiser 4 cylinder and inline 6 cylinder marine engines from 1968-1989.

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