Bow Thrusters & Steering Systems

Bow Thrusters & Steering Systems

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    353 lbf Vetus Electric Bow Thruster

    Brand: Vetus SKU: VETUS-BOW16024D Quantity: 0
    24 volt DC Vetus bow thruster simplifies the docking of boats 54 to 72 feet in length, especially in strong winds or moving current.
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    6 Blade Bow Thruster Propeller

    Brand: Vetus SKU: VETUS-SET0088 Quantity: 21
    New & improved replacement propeller for Vetus BOW50, BOW60, BOW75, BOW80, & BOW95 model thrusters.
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    SeaStar Front Mount Outboard Hydraulic Cylinder

    Brand: Seastar Solutions SKU: SEASTAR-HC5345-3 Quantity: 9
    Outboard hydraulic steering cylinder works with Seastar Solutions & Teleflex marine hydraulic steering helms to provide smooth, fatigue free steering.
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    SeaStar Inboard Hydraulic Steering Kit

    Brand: Seastar Solutions SKU: SEASTAR-HK4410-3 Quantity: 4
    Complete SeaStar hydraulic steering system for single or dual rudder inboard steering applications includes helm pump, steering cylinder, 20 ft. of tubing, & 2 quarts of hydraulic steering fluid.
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    Stainless Steel Steering Cable Support Tube

    Brand: Seastar Solutions SKU: SEASTAR-SA27275P Quantity: 2
    Guide tube works with clamp block (sold separately) to support mechanical steering cable in outboard applications.
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    12 Ft. Backmount Rack Single Cable

    Brand: Seastar Solutions SKU: SEASTAR-SSC13412 Quantity: 0
    12 Ft. Backmount Rack Single Cable
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    Vetus Joystick Rubber Boot

    Brand: Vetus SKU: VETUS-BP214B Quantity: 26
    Replacement boot for Vetus joystick style thruster control panels.
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    500 Amp Slow Blow ANL Fuse

    Brand: Vetus SKU: VETUS-ZE500 Quantity: 4
    C20 strip fuse is designed to provide circuit protection for thrusters & windlasses.
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    Hydraulic Tee Fitting 3-Pack

    Brand: Seastar Solutions SKU: SEASTAR-HF5536 Quantity: 2
    3/8 in. tube x 1/4 in. NPT x 3/8 in. tube stainless steel T-fitting used in Seastar Solutions or Teleflex marine hydraulic steering systems.
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    SeaStar Steering Cylinder Seal Kit

    Brand: Seastar Solutions SKU: SEASTAR-HS5154 Quantity: 10
    Seal kit for various inboard & stern drive SeaStar hydraulic steering cylinders.

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