Manifold & Elbow Mounting Kits

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    Swivel Elbow Mounting Kit | Barr Marine 20-0002P

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-20-0002P Quantity: 3
    Mounting hardware & gasket for Barr swivel type risers.
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    Riser Mounting Kit | Barr Marine 20-0082P

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-20-0082P Quantity: 4
    Mounting gasket & mounting bolts for Barr generic center risers.
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    Chrysler Center Rise Elbow Adapter Kit | Barr Marine 534002

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-534002 Quantity: 4
    Adapts Chrysler small block center rise exhaust manifolds to Barr 534005 risers.
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    Chrysler Stainless Steel Manifold Mounting Kit | Barr Marine CM-1-5972SS-P

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-CM-1-5972SS-P Quantity: 0
    Includes exhaust manifold mounting gaskets & stainless mounting studs for Chrysler big block marine engines.
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    Chrysler Stainlesss Steel Exhaust Manifold Mounting Kit | Barr Marine CM-1-6677SS-P

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-CM-1-6677SS-P Quantity: 10
    Kit includes stainless steel mounting studs, manifold to head gasket, and drain plugs for Chrysler small block log style manifolds.
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    Chrysler Swivel Elbow Mounting Kit | Barr Marine CM-20-4142411P

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-CM-20-4142411P Quantity: 15
    Attaching hardware for Chrysler swivel exhaust riser elbows.
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    Chrysler End Plate Mounting Kit | Barr Marine CM-20-6674P

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-CM-20-6674P Quantity: 2
    Gasket & mounting hardware for Chrysler exhaust manifold end plate.
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    Chris Craft Exhaust Riser Mounting Kit | Barr Marine CC-20-0828P

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-CC-20-0828P Quantity: 11
    Mounting gaskets & hardware for attaching Barr Chris Craft log style exhaust riser to the exhaust manifold.
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    Exhaust Manifold Mounting Kit | Barr Marine FM-1-83P

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-FM-1-83P Quantity: 25
    Kit includes 4 mounting bolts & plugs for Barr FM-1-83 Ford small block exhaust manifolds.
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    Mercruiser Riser Mounting Package | Barr Marine MC-20-44354P

    Brand: Barr Marine SKU: BARR-MC-20-44354P Quantity: 8
    Mounting gasket & hardware kit for Barr MC-20-44354 center rise exhaust elbow.

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