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    Delco EST Distributor Timing Shunt Tool | Marine Power 9159

    Brand: Marine Power SKU: MP-009159 Quantity: 15
    Used to place an engine equipped with a Delco EST distributor into base timing mode.
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    Alternator V-Belt | Marine Power 260515

    Brand: Marine Power SKU: MP-260515 Quantity: 9
    OEM alternator belt fits various Marine Power GM small block marine engines.
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    Small Block Crank Mounted Raw Water Pump Bracket | Marine Power 308711

    Brand: Marine Power SKU: MP-308711 Quantity: 15
    Holds crankshaft mounted raw water pump used on Marine Power GM small block marine engines in a stationary position while the engine is operational.
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    Oil Level Dipstick | Marine Power 371663

    Brand: Marine Power SKU: MP-371663 Quantity: 1
    OEM oil indicator dipstick used on various Marine Power engines.
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    Oil Filter Bypass Cover | Marine Power 372160

    Brand: Marine Power SKU: MP-372160 Quantity: 2
    Mounts in place of engine oil filter on GM V8 marine engines to allow remote oil filter mounting for easier access to filter.
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    1/8 in. NPT Hobbs Oil Pressure Switch | Marine Power 457007

    Brand: Marine Power SKU: MP-457007 Quantity: 60
    Switch shuts off the ignition & the electric fuel pump when low oil pressure is sensed.
  7. Marine Power 500101 Oil Pressure Switch Harness

    Oil Pressure Switch Harness | Marine Power 500101

    Brand: Marine Power SKU: MP-500101 Quantity: 4
    Water resistant wiring harness for Hobbs safety shut-off oil pressure switch used on many Marine Power engines.
  8. Marine Power 500492 Ignition Wire

    Ignition Wire | Marine Power 500492

    Brand: Marine Power SKU: MP-500492 Quantity: 16
    Ignition Wire
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    Crank Mounted Water Pump Bushing | Marine Power 527018

    Brand: Marine Power SKU: MP-527018 Quantity: 15
    Provides vibration isolation between the crankshaft mounted raw water pump & the pump restraint bracket on Marine Power engines.
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    Brand: Marine Power SKU: MP-541804 Quantity: 1
    Housing, 8.1 Thermo HSG-TK SPPRT

Set Descending Direction

1-10 of 327